Finer Finer Case Study | Creative services | Spend $10,000 - $50,000

About this Project

Finer Finer is a resale marketplace dedicated to honoring the beauty and value of art and design. Created to provide modern collectors with the marketplace they deserve, Finer Finer offers a platform to shop, sell, and discover sought-after art, furniture, and home details.

Committed to connecting buyers with authentic, high-quality pieces, Finer Finer ensures that every transaction is backed by a thorough authentication verification service, providing peace of mind and trust in every purchase.

Journeyhorizon collaborated with the Finer Finer team to launch a platform featuring advanced search and filter options, allowing buyers to easily find pieces that match their tastes and preferences. Personalized recommendations further enhance the shopping experience, making it easier for collectors to discover the finest art and design available.

Custom Features

  • In-house Authentification flow;
  • Custom checkout flow;
  • Custom email templates;