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Our Work Culture

We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • People first

    • Our first priority is the people, every single decision of the company is for the development of each and every person in the company.
    • The second priority is our clients’ satisfaction.
    • The third one is the profit of the company, of course :’))
  • Work-life balance

    No one at JH should wake up in the morning and think, "Sheet, I have to go to work again today…". Working at JH shouldn't be a burden, and we want everyone to be able to maintain a healthy work-life balance without having to bring their work home. Working overtime is not advisable and should only be done in circumstances of extreme necessity.
  • Work hard, play hard

    Every member of JH is expected to take their task and investigation seriously, but they are also expected to have a great time while they are unwinding and having fun. Recharged motivation and stamina are required, too! We want everyone to enjoy, whether it be a lot or a little, every day at work.
  • Everyone is approachable, colleagues as friends, leaders as servants

    • JH is constantly working to create a workplace where everyone is friendly with one another and can communicate with anyone. Everyone is aware of who to contact for assistance with tasks or non-task related difficulties.
    • JH does not have any bosses. JH only has leaders - servant leaders - the ones who support and provide materials and conditions for each team member’s development.
  • Every feeling counts, every voice matters

    • JH values every feeling, concern, and complaint from every member of the company and is always willing to listen to them sincerely.
    • JH is always receptive and adaptive, always trying to improve itself so that everyone can work in an environment that is always better than how it was the day before.
  • Non-political environment, diversity is encouraged, separation is not allowed

    • JH has never been and never will be a political workplace. Political disputes and unfair competition are not permitted at JH
    • Every member of JH is a distinct individual with a distinct personality and talent, so diversity is really strong here. Separations, however, are not and will never be welcomed at JH.
  • Trust first

    • JH always chooses to trust everyone first before monitoring and evaluating the outcome.
    • JH believes that the first mistake is not a fault, everyone deserves a second chance to fix things.
  • Knowledge worth sharing

    Knowledge is precious but it will be more precious when being shared, it will help others to avoid mistakes and save time. JH constantly encourages its people to share their interesting knowledge in whatever format, including seminars, chatting, talking, and more.

  • Talking helps, listening helps

    Over these years of building JH, we believe that the most efficient and fastest way to resolve conflicts and problems is face-to-face talking and listening.

  • Brain matters, heart matters too

    Every important decision at JH is from both brain and heart. JH always aims to make decisions that are humanity and beneficial for the company's development at the same time.

  • JH is energized by the smiles of its people

    Yes, it actually is!