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Probably the best Sharetribe developer in the world!
Yep it is a big claim but we have the experience and team to prove it. There is not much we have not done over the past 6 years when it comes to implementing online marketplaces on Sharetribe.
Matthew, Tri and the Journeyhorizon team have been working with us for over 6 years. One of our first Sharetribe development partners, they have helped our clients launch 60+ marketplaces and consistently delight our customers.
Juho Makkonen
Sharetribe Co-founder & CEO

Rental Marketplace

Build a platform to rent vehicles, houses, saunas, space, trailers...anything really
From our experience in building rental marketplaces on Sharetribe, here are some of the custom features that are likely needed:
  • Verification of Identity
  • One time passwords
  • Upload photos on pickup of the item
  • Upload photos on drop back of the item
  • Recurring payments for daily, fortnightly, monthly or annual rental periods
  • Security deposits
  • Dispute resolution
  • Insurance provider integration
  • Remote lock and unlock
  • GPS integration

Service Marketplace

Let service providers offer physical or virtual help
From our experience in building service marketplaces on Sharetribe, here are some of the custom features that are likely needed:
  • Zoom Integration
  • Jitsi Integration
  • Custom pricing - fixed fees per package
  • Custom pricing - milestone payments
  • Request for Quote (reverse marketplace)
  • Upload documents
  • Download documents

Product Marketplace

Help people or businesses sell new or used products.
From our experience in building product marketplaces on Sharetribe, here are some of the custom features that are likely needed:
  • Master Product Catalogue
  • Wishlist / My Favourites
  • Shopping Cart - Single Vendor Checkout
  • Shopping Cart - Multi Vendor Checkout
  • Shipping Quote Integration
  • Tax Handling Integration
  • Bulk Upload Listing data
  • Offer - Counter Offer Transaction Process
  • Auction Pricing
  • Wanted or Needed Listing Type
  • Automated Image Processing
  • AI Integration for product descriptions
  • Make and Offer and counter offer flows

Sharetribe Customisation

Sharetribe for marketplaces is super powerful and fully featured right out of the box, you can get started without writing a single line of code. NO CODE MARKETPLACE. But supports you as your marketplace grows. When you are ready to take your business to the next level on web or mobile we are here to help you add unique features and designs on-top of the powerful Sharetribe API.

Custom Features

Here are a few of the custom features we have implemented for our clients
  • Reverse Marketplace

    Let your buyers post their job and have marketplace sellers quote on the job. Once accepted by the buyer, manage the delivery transaction between the buyer and the seller.
  • Subscription Listings

    Let your sellers create listings that are recurring subscriptions rather than one time rentals or purchases.
  • Membership Subscriptions

    Create a SaaS marketplace by adding recurring membership subscriptions for your sellers and or buyers. This includes subscribe, upgrade, downgrade and cancellations.
  • Transaction Deposit

    Let your sellers take a security deposit for their listing. Refund of the deposit is then fully customisable based on your marketplace rules.
  • Transaction Refunds

    Define and manage global refund policies for your marketplace. Full or partial refunds. Even let your sellers define their own refund policy.
  • Multi-Category Transaction Ratings

    Sharetribe supports a 5-star rating for the transaction out of the box. Extend this to include multiple categories such as quality, timeliness, communication.
  • Average Transaction and User Ratings

    Calculate the average rating for the listing and/or the User.
  • Negotiated price transactions

    Let the buyer and seller in your marketplace negotiate over the price and other terms of the transaction. Buyers can make offers and sellers can make counter offers. Offers can include more attributes than price such as date or terms.
  • Multiple bookings in a single checkout experience

    Allow your buyers to complete multiple bookings in a single check-out transaction. Useful when your buyer needs to book 5 training sessions with their coach.
  • Shopping cart

    Allow your buyers to add listings to their shopping cart. On checkout, split baskets by seller, or checkout with a single basket if you have a custom payout provider.
  • Complex Transaction pricing

    Allow your sellers to include additional items and add-ons during the checkout process. Integrate with delivery and drop-shipping partner APIs to automatically calculate shipping fees.
  • Integration with Intercom

    Superpower your marketplace with Powerful customer engagement, onboarding and support options. helps you manage ongoing engagement and support for both sides of your marketplace.
  • Integration with Twilio

    Make use of Twilios set of APIs to enable real-time messaging between buyers and sellers. Send messages via SMS, OR enable real-time messaging in the Flex transaction pages.
  • Integration with Zoom

    Let your sellers deliver their services over Zoom. Integrate Zoom session into the transaction processes.
  • Integration with Vonage

    Vonage, like Twilio provides communication APIs. If you want to build your own version of Zoom and have it tightly integrated into your marketplace this would be the option.

  • Integration with Sendbird

    Similar to Twilio and Vonage, Sendbird is another real-time chat and messaging platform that you can integrate into your marketplace.
  • Integration with Jitsi

    A commercial open-source video conferencing platform. This could be a good choice for your marketplaces video conferencing needs.
  • Custom CMS integration - Strapi, Prismic

    Sharetribe has its own headless CMS and it is improving. and are very mature content management systems that can be integrated into Sharetribe. If you have very heavy content management requirements in addition to your marketplace, integrating a specialized headless CMS is the way to go.
  • Custom Payment and Payout Providers

    We can integrate any number of Payment providers for your marketplace, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe..the list seems to be endless. Then we can use any number of payout providers such as Payoneer, Transferwise, Stripe or Paypal for you to pay your sellers. It is more work, but endlessly flexible.
  • Crypto Payment and Payouts

    Love web3 and crypto-currency. We can pretty much use any of the mature crypto platforms out there to enable buyers to use crypto for payments and sellers to take crypto as payouts.
  • Sharetribe Mobile App

    We were one of the first to build a mobile app ontop of Flex API. We make use of ReactNative for Hybrid app development OR we wrap and publish your marketplace to mobile. There are pros and cons to both depending on what you need to do.
  • Coupons and Vouchers

    Depending on your needs we can build simple coupon and voucher system for your marketplace or you can integrate a third-party product like Voucherify.
  • Integration with Car telemetry, GPS

    Yes we have even integrated a marketplace transaction process with Car Telementry systems to track where the rented cars go when on hire.
  • Integration with third-party insurance provider

    Depending on the capability of your insurance provider we will be able to integrate key parts of the transaction process with your insurance providers API.
  • Digital Products and Documents

    Allow your buyers and sellers to upload documents as part of their listing or transaction process. This allows marketplaces that are selling digital products to have them delivered and available with the security of marketplace escrow.
  • Rich Text Editor for Listing Fields

    Allow your sellers to use a rich text editor to add formatting to their listing data.

  • One time password via SMS

    Increase the security and identity verification of your users by adding one time password capability to your Sharetribe Marketplace sign-up and sign-in. We will help you pick an SMS or external authenticator app and integrate with the sign-in process.
  • Image classification using machine learning

    The price of machine learning and AI technology is coming down and can be used in numerous ways in your marketplace. If you have an idea we are very confident we can find a way to train a machine learning model and have it assist you in your marketplace.
    We have already implemented machine learning technology to assist with evaluation of the images added to listings in a marketplace. This can significantly reduce the burden on your administrators.

Sharetribe Integration

The web is now a jungle of APIs that when connected together deliver real business value to your users. Here is a selection of all the stuff we can integrate with your solution.

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