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Our team helps clients build and maintain digital products and applications using modern internet technologies.

Our fairy tale begins here...

Our leaders have been creating digital products for years as a leader in online marketplaces with Sharetribe
In 2016, we had an idea to build the AirBnb for cycle tourism. We pitched our idea to Griffin accelerator and won a place in the 2016 cohort. During our 3 month intensive incubator with Griffin Accelerator in Canberra, Australia, we built our first prototype for our product using Sharetribe Go. We evaluated many technology options to bootstrap our startup and Sharetribe Go won hands down on every criteria. We did a successful Angel round raise at the end of our Accelerator based on our Sharetribe Go MVP, and went on to build a small team in Ho Chi Minh city to build out the open source version of Sharetribe Go into what became CycleLifeHQ.com.

After two additional VC funding rounds, we had built a successful service business helping city governments in the USA and Australia roll out cycle tourism strategies supported by the cyclelifeHQ.com product. Alas our vision to scale the marketplace were not realised and in conjunction with our investors and directors we decided to close the venture and return unused capital to our VCs.
Overall, it was a really great experience. One of the best things that came out of it was the relationships that we formed with the team in Ho Chi Minh city and the team at Sharetribe in Finland. Soon after closing the company, Juho contacted me and asked if I might be interested in helping the team at Fittcoach.ca move from Sharetribe Go to Sharetribe. I thought sure, give me a day or so to make some phone calls. So I rang Tri Nguyen, one of the smartest guys I have ever met and former member of the Cyclelifehq.com tech team. I asked Tri if he thought we could build an amazing software development company focused on delivering Sharetribe marketplaces and building a truly great place to work that blended both Australian and Vietnamese culture. To my great surprise he said yes and we co-founded Journeyhorizon.

Since starting the company in 2018 and that first project with Fittcoach.ca, we have grown to over 50 people and have delivered over 100 marketplaces. We are currently looking after 20+ of those in an ongoing support capacity providing maintenance and enhancements.

Meet Our Amazing Team

  • Matthew Ryan

    I’ve been in the software development industry since 1996. I started my career at Accenture working on enterprise scale problems for fortune 500 companies. In 2004 I started my first company. That grew from 2 co-founders to 200 staff. I sold that business in 2014 and with the proceeds started another software development company focused on helping government organisations implement Microsoft based solutions. I exited that business in 2016 to start my first marketplace, CyclelifeHQ a marketplace for cycle based tourism experiences. In 2018, we closed CyclelifeHQ and started Journeyhorizon… The journey continues :)

    I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your business goals.

  • Tri Nguyen

    Tri, who was raised in the Mekong delta, graduated with the highest grade in his class in 2017 from HCMC University of Science. Tri is a skilled software developer and the leader of people.

    Before Tri graduated from university in 2017, he met Matt, and together with Chu, Tinh, Tam, Anh, and Jun, they were the "pre-history" of Journeyhorizon. Then, in 2018, they formally established Journeyhorizon. Tri is responsible for the culture, people, and growth of the company's members.

    After his Journeyhorizon time, he loves coding, astronomy, photography, 3d printing, electronics, IOT and other creative stuff.

  • Tam Vu
    Chief Technology Officer

    Over the past six years, I've had the extraordinary opportunity to lead our technical team, delivering over 60 transformative projects by providing innovative and tailored solutions that address complex business challenges, ensuring seamless and effective results.

    I remain dedicated to continuous learning and improvement, always approaching each challenge with fascination and enthusiasm.

    I Look forward to meeting you and helping ensure your platform thrives in this vast digital world.

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