Eqpme Case Study

www.eqpme.com | Heavy Equipment Rental | Spend $50,000 +

About this Project

Eqpme is a marketplace for renting heavy equipment that are used in constructions. It is based in Canada and US. Providers can list their equipment. Customers can post their requests. Think of anything a marketplace can offer, Eqpme might have them all.

Eqpme is one of the biggest projects we have ever worked for. We have been working for Eqpme for 4 years and have an amazing bond with the founders. Unfortunately, they have decided to close Eqpme from July 2024.

Custom Features

We have been working with Eqpme for years so the list should be super long:
  • Docusign Signature verification
  • Plaid verification
  • Multi locations per listing
  • Booking extension
  • Voucherify
  • Invoicing
  • Subscriptions
  • Great American Insurance
  • Rental board (reverse marketplace)
  • Rental House (Provider adding Staff to action on their behalf)
  • HAPN (GPS equipment tracking)
  • Bulk upload
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Revenue report
  • Booking Calendar
  • Analytics dashboard for providers
  • Customer Export
  • Embedded listings
  • Avalara Tax
  • ...

Client Reference

Our team and I were looking for the best Sharetribe development shop, and the Journeyhorizon team has exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Journeyhorizon for those looking to turn their dreams into realities.
— Alex Mascarin and Stephan Peralta - Founders of Eqpme